Online Poker Basics for Beginners

If you’re just starting as a poker player you may think you know how to play poker based on what you’ve seen on television. Nothing could be further from the truth. You are seeing heavily edited sequences of play, taken completely out of context, and shown for entertainment value, hence they tend to be out of the ordinary, wild, and generally abnormal. As a novice you should focus on playing good cards, bluffing very rarely, betting those good hands for value (we will explain this concept later on), and most importantly, not assuming that others are bluffing you.

There is less bluffing in poker than you might think, and it is a good strategy to start out respecting other players’ bets, especially when those bets could place your entire tournament or cash bankroll for that session on the line. Professional players do make “moves” at pots, but it happens less regularly than TV would have you believe, and it also happens for a reason – that is to say, they have an excellent position for the bet au88, or their hand has the potential to improve, or they have a good read on their opponent, or the blinds and antes are so big (this happens in tournaments) that players are forced to raise with mediocre cards.

Arbitrary bluffs, where players decide to put in a big raise because they are bored, or because they “instinctively” sense weakness from the entire table, have no place in novice play. Furthermore, because you are likely to learn your poker playing online, you need to know that online players love to call down bets and see if they’re beaten or not. It is very hard to get away with bluffs online, particularly in limit games, because online poker is much more loose and wild. It is impossible to bluff a weak player as a strategic move because he does not know what’s going on with his hand let alone with your hand, so as a novice playing against other novices in small games you need to steer clear of being overly clever at the table.

If you understand this first point, you should then realize that the key is to play good cards and to play them strong. Make sure that you play starting hands with the potential to win the pot. 55 can win a pot, and a big one at that if 5 hits on the flop. 52 can win very few hands. The same goes for J5, K5, or 85. When you do play good cards make sure that you play them with aggression. If you are faced with the choice of calling, raising, or folding it is fair to say that calling is usually your weakest and worst option

If you are planning to trap someone later on by calling now that is a different matter, but that is also far too clever and intricate for the novice game, so instead work on raising or folding when the betting comes round to you. Players need to respect and at times fear you. They also need to think that you are reasonable, and not some maniac who raises every single time. So fold that junk, and when you decide to play, raise until you feel you’re beaten or behind and then FOLD. Do not stay in a pot that you cannot win – simply fold.

Finally, when you do get a decent hand you need to make others pay to stay in the pot. They are probably drawing to make a better hand or hanging around hoping to catch miracle cards. Both scenarios will, unfortunately, unfold several times, but you must make those hands pay a premium to get lucky against you. If you give someone the wrong odds to beat you enough times you will eventually come out way ahead at poker. Poker is a game of mathematical expectation, and by making your opponents pay the wrong amount to beat you, you ensure your profit in the long run. There will be many times when your good hand remains the best, and all those straight draws and flush draws and smaller pairs are beaten. Those are the times when your value bets – betting your good hands for what they are worth – will reap rewards for you.

Don’t worry about bad beats or players who have no clue what they’re doing. Poker takes care of them ultimately, and your good play will make money as long as you are aggressive when you need to be, conservative when you’re starting, and not inclined to bluff or think you’re always being bluffed by others.

Online Poker Tells – Learn To Spot Them

Many poker players lament the fact that with online poker they are no longer able to profit from poker tells; those little nervous tics and mannerisms that involuntarily reveal the strength or weakness of your opponent’s hand. But there are online poker tells as well, as this article will show.

Common poker tells include dilation of pupils, or looking away from the table (which is why so many top players wear sunglasses at the table), shaking hands, how chips are put into the pot, breathing patterns (some players stop breathing when they bluff or fear that their hand is weak), sitting forward, and hundreds of others. Body language is key, as is how players bet (do they announce their raise boldly, do they call grudgingly).

So what about online poker where none of these tells come into play? How can you recognize weakness or strength and build your poker bankroll as a result? The answers are pretty simple. You must rely upon betting patterns first and foremost. If a player overbets at a pot there is a good chance that he is worried about his hand. At the highest level, you must always be aware of a double-bluff: he knows that you know what an overbet generally means, but he bets that way deliberately to trap you. Usually though with online poker players, you can be sure that big initial bets are a sign of fear.

Watch how long it takes a player to respond. Often players hit check/fold or call any on their preselect screen. This gives away plenty of info about their hand. It shows that they are either very weak or on a draw that they will play for any amount of chips, but will play passively. A huge poker tell is when a twcbet player suddenly varies the amount of time he takes to make a decision.

This last tell is true in face-to-face games and online poker games. A player who always acts quickly but suddenly takes up all his available time is up to something. If he waits until the last possible second and then puts in a huge re-raise chances are he is very strong. If he waits a long time before folding twcbet login chances are he was weak and just wanted to save face. You now have a very good read of this player going forward.

The worst poker tells refer to a style of play. Players who will not fold pre-flop or who need to pay to see one extra card reveal the worst tell of all, that they are weak players who cannot be pushed off a hand. Wait for a premium hand and punish them to the maximum for their childish curiosity.

Online poker forces you to watch the way hands are bet rather than watching people bet those hands. It makes you a more analytical player aware of pot odds, and bet size. You cannot rely on the psychological aspects that make live poker so intriguing, but the tells are still there… you just have to know what to look for!

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